Apartment Buys (so far!)


Some people, it seems, can move into a new place and have it fully decorated and ‘done’ in three months. I am not one of those people. My pace is slow, taking it one thing at a time and never really getting ‘done’. After about six months in our new apartment, here’s what we’ve bought so far:

anthropologie aperture mirror, $428
got this mirror during a sale and it’s a little smaller than I thought, but still perfect over a mantle.

bodega tumblers, set of 12, $24
these simple modern tumblers work for everything from water to cocktails to chia pudding - we picked ours up at Fishs Eddy.

jacquard-weave bath mat, $25
this mat seems pretty durable so far, and adds some nice texture to an all-white bathroom.

stainless steel measuring cups & spoons, $50
we had a very pretty (and pretty impractical) copper measuring set for a few years, but these are 129387x better - beautiful, dishwasher safe, and they’ll last for.ever.

aesop hand wash & hand balm, $125
this set was a gift, and I love the bottle so much that I’ll 100% refill it with a less-expensive (and less-fantastic) handsoap when it’s gone.

set of 8 glass straws, $12
paper straws get mushy, metal straws just never seem clean to me. we’ve actually had these for over a year, and not a single one has broken.

white lacquer dresser, $599
this dresser was an AptDeco find, and a nice modern contrast to our more traditional furniture.

pur 7-cup pitcher, $15
tiny kitchen + narrow fridge = this small but quick water filter.

maison louis marie candle, $34
my latest scented candle discovery.

gir turner, $14 & spatula, $13
I’ve mentioned these before, but we now have three more - they’re the best!

bath salts, $19 & flowers, $28
leveling up my bath game with epsom salts, essential oils, and culinary grade dried flowers. bonus: I can spontaneously make things like lavender lemonade or a rose gin & tonic.

Now, let me know if you find a modern (but not midcentury) armchair that’s both cozy for reading and cat-scratch-proof! 😜

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