10 Essentials for Your Wedding Registry


We just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary (!!!) and I’ve been thinking about our wedding registry - what we’ve kept and used the most, things we wish we’d registered for or are still on our wishlist. We cook together nearly every day, and now that we’re in a tiny New York apartment we’ve pared everything down to our absolute favorites. If we were registering for our wedding today, these items would absolutely be on our list:

1. A Dutch Oven

A Dutch (or French) oven wasn’t on my radar back when we were making a wedding gift wishlist, but now it’s easily my favorite dish in the kitchen. I love that it goes from stovetop to oven, and can cook all those crockpot and instant pot recipes (on low heat in the oven) with much less soggy results. It’s also perfect for soup and no-knead bread.

get this: Le Creuset French Oven, $350 or Lodge Dutch Oven, $60

2. Picture Frames You Love

I love having framed photos around the house of family and friends, but we started out with a lot of hand-me-down frames we wouldn’t have picked ourselves. With so many frame-worthy photos coming your way, add some standard-sized frames you love.

get this: BHLDN Pressed Glass Picture Frames, $12-18

3. Crisp White Linens

After starting out with grey and beige linens, we’ve switched over to all-white-everything. Our down comforter from Snowe is nothing short of dreamy - I recently described it to a friend as ‘like sleeping under meringue’. We also have and love their cotton percale sheets and some super-plush bath towels from Restoration Hardware. If you’re worried about keeping whites white, try this detergent, a drop or two of liquid bluing, and the best homemade stain remover.

get this: Snowe Down Comforter, $198; Snowe Percale Sheets, $198; RH Bath Towel, $30

4. The Best Non-Stick Pan

We’ve been married for over 2,500 days and have probably made eggs for breakfast on 2,498 of those days. Because nonstick pans don’t last forever, we’re on our second one, but we love it for everything from omelettes to delicate fish (for tacos, of course). Remove the red rubber handle that comes attached - it’s a bit of an eyesore and you don’t need it!

get this: Tramontina 10” Saute Pan, $35

5. Pretty Serving Pieces

Whether it’s for hosting friends or decanting your takeout order, a serving platter and bowl will be more useful than you might think. While we were gifted a couple serving dishes that have seen us through so far, some pretty ones like these are still on my wishlist.

get this: Chinoiserie Serving Platter, $108 and Bowl, $118

registry list:

6. The World’s Most Perfect Spatula

We replaced our old spatulas with one from GIR a couple years ago and use it every single day, often plucking it out of the dishwasher to hand-wash and use a second time before the day is done. It’s funny to describe how great it is, but if you’re not crazy about your spatula, it’s because you don’t have this one.

get this: Get It Right Spatula, $13

7. A Really Good Vacuum

It might seem painfully practical, but if you have a furry pet a good vacuum is worth adding to your list. We got this one during a Black Friday sale but this slimmer, cordless version would be ideal for apartment living.

get this: Dyson Ball Animal, $200 or Animal V7 Cordless, $300

8. Glass Tupperware

Plastic tupperware is porous and not great for you, so trade out the stained and mismatched ones for a glass set with snap-on lids. We have and love these ones by Glasslock, and not a single piece has broken or gone missing in over a year.

get this: Glasslock 18-Piece Set, $35

9. Three Great Knives

Skip the bulky knife block and just get the three knives that will see your through pretty much any cooking scenario: a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife. Leave it to the Wirecutter to find the very best ones!

get this: 8” Chef’s Knife, $150; Victorinox Paring Knife, $45 and Bread Knife, $45

10. Storage Baskets

Baskets are one of the prettiest ways to store just about anything - blankets, miscellaneous cords, back-ups of your favorite products, hats and mittens. I even know (and admire) someone that uses them to organize their fridge! Baskets can be annoyingly expensive to buy for yourself, but they’re not a pricey gift to add to your list.

get this: Hyacinth Braided Baskets, $35-40 and Utility Baskets, $17-$20

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