Favorites: Kitchen


With all the cooking and baking happening this holiday season, it seemed like a perfect time to share some of my favorite kitchen things. Most nights Harrison and I cook dinner together, and after six years of sharing a kitchen these are the things we reach for most often. Get cozy, light a candle, and scroll on through!

. . .

ruffled pie dish, $50
pretty on display, for pies, or a dutch baby.


GIR spatula, $17
GIR stands for "Get It Right", and they do.


italian carafe, $5
for beverages or flowers.


patterned nut bowls, $10 each
these are never all in the cupboard, always being used!

dutch oven, $330-$400
as versatile as it is beautiful.



nesting mixing bowls, $30

.  .  .


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