My Essentials for a Cozy Weekend

The Best Essentials for a Cozy Weekend

image: @allthatisshe

One of my favorite things about cooler weather is taking a cozy hibernation day. The kind of day where your biggest accomplishment might be making pancakes or cracking open a new book. While in theory there are plenty of these wonderfully lazy days between October and March, we seem to only get a couple really good ones each season - so make sure you have the essentials on hand when one comes your way.

1. Cute Pajamas

Since you're going to wear them all day, they can't be the kind that make you feel sloppy - but they must be ridiculously comfortable

2. A Good Book

You know that you're going to binge-watch Killing Eve at some point, but you also know that turning the pages of a physical book (or newspaper, or magazine) is much cozier than ogling a screen.

3. A Big Sweater

Pick the one that goes best with pancakes.

4. A Scented Candle

One of my everyday essentials, and I’d say these fall scents are second only to an actual wood-burning fire.

5. Knit Socks

There shall be no shoes today, only the coziest of socks

6. A Soft Blanket

The one that's secretly your favorite

7. A Face Mask

From DIY versions to the fanciest of sheet masks, you really can't go wrong.

8. Your Favorite Mug

Coffee, tea, cocoa, lemon water - take your pick, and sip it from the prettiest mug around.


bon (cozy) week-end!