Favorites: Fall Candles

Favorite Candles for Fall

Scented candles are a staple for me, especially as the weather turns cooler. I keep at least four around the house: on my nightstand, in the bathroom, on my desk, and in the living room. As much as possible, I look for candles that use soy wax, are handmade, and smell fantastic. These are my current favorite candles for fall:

1. Rewined spiked cider, $29 | apple, cinnamon, clove with a splash of buttery rum.
2. Linnea's Lights cashmere, $34 | soft and cozy blend of patchouli, vanilla, lime. 
3. Fragonard brioche, $42 | sweet cream butter melting over fresh, warm bread. 
4. Little Market pumpkin pie, $26 | classic homemade pumpkin pie. 
5. Nest pumpkin chai, $40 | pumpkin, spicy chai, cardamom, ginger. 
6. Highlands mercury glass, $40 | sage, sea salt, jasmine, musk.
7. Diptyque feu de bois, $32-62 | open log fire, smoky, a hint of frankincense. 
8. Boulangerie espresso, $18 | fresh coffee with a sprinkling of cocoa. 

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