Travel Essentials for a Long Flight

 8 Essentials for a Long Flight | Long-haul flights are no joke, so whenever I’m traveling in the air for hours on end, I pack these products in my carry on. | How to feel cozy - even in coach - and get some sleep on an overseas or red-eye flight.

Long-haul flights are no joke, so I always pack these eight essentials in my tote bag when I know I'll be in the air for hours on end. Add in a lot of water and a tube of mascara, and the fuss and bother of modern travel is a bit more enjoyable. Because I'm usually trying to fall asleep, I often get ready for 'bed' at the beginning of the flight, then get as cozy as possible for the rest of the journey. Here's what I bring along:


1. comfortable headphones

I like my UrbanEars headphones much better than earbuds: they're durable, colorful, and comfortable enough to wear for hours, even while sleeping. I keep music, podcasts, and white noise on my phone for listening. My dream noise-cancelling headphones for travel? These.

2. A Sleep Mask

Since I bought this sleep mask two years ago, I've started using one every night. They're great for planes, trains, automobiles, and rooms that never seem quite dark enough - just block out the world around you and get some rest! My masks are all from this Etsy shop, and I've gifted tons of them, too.

3. Spin Pins

Use these spiral pins to secure your hair up in a matter of seconds, with no kinks or dents to deal with when you take it down again. I use these every single day, traveling or not.

4. Makeup Remover wipes

You can't really wash your face in the sink of an airplane bathroom, but you really want to - so bring along  a pack of these. I use one at the beginning of the flight, one at the end. After you land, they'll come in handy while in the car, on a train, at the beach....

5. An Oversized Scarf

Whenever I forget to bring an oversized scarf in my carry-on, I regret it. Use it as a blanket, folded up as a back support, a pillow, or drape it around your shoulders. For our summer abroad, I packed a lightweight version, but I usually opt for something a bit more cozy

6. A real Book

I'm currently reading the fascinating novel Isadora, and yes, it's a physical book. For shorter trips I'll just bring an E-book, but nothing holds my attention like a literal page-turner. If I'm picking up a magazine, it's probably Porter or Artful Living - unless I steal Harrison's copy of The Rake.

7. Cozy Socks

On long flight or a road trip, I hate wearing shoes exactly as much as I hate being barefoot. Once I'm settled into my seat, it's cozy socks all the way. To help with circulation when you're sitting for hours on end, try these compression socks from my wishlist.

8.  Lounge Pants

At the beginning of the flight, I change into my favorite yoga pants for lounging - which is what yoga pants are for anyway. These are $15 and great for sitting in a sort-of comfortable seat for six hours while you try to fall asleep. If you're feeling fancy, bring along these insanely cozy cashmere sweatpants.

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