Three Days in Venice, Italy


It's easy to see the floating city of Venice in three days, including a visit to nearby Burano. The first thing to check off your list is the famous Rialto Bridge, the oldest of the four bridges that span the Grand Canal. Cross the bridge and walk along the water, visiting the markets nearby. Stop in the open square near Osteria Bancogiro to watch the boat traffic on the city's largest waterway. 

One morning, make an early trip out to Basilica di San Marco. Splurge on a bite to eat at the historic Caffè Florian and enjoy the quiet piazza before the rush of day-trippers arrives. Make sure to see Palazzo Ducale and the enclosed limestone Bridge of Sighs.

Find your way to the Libreria Acqua Alta, where the books are kept in tubs and boats, ready for the rising water. Behind the store, follow a staircase made of old books to a pretty Venetian view. 

Three Days in Venice, Italy | What to See and Where to Eat: the best food and things to do in Venice  | A travel guide for a weekend in the floating city, from must-see sights to a cicchetti crawl | With a custom google travel map you can save to your phone!

The most popular parts of Venice can get so busy during the day that it's often difficult just to stop and snap a picture. Getting a bit off the beaten path is key to escape the hubbub. Set aside some time to wander, and truly let yourself get lost in the maze of narrow streets and bridges - it's a small island, so you can't go too far! 

The charming Cannaregio district is usually uncrowded, and a perfect place to start exploring. If you're looking for a bite to eat, stop for a crêpe at Cocaeta or have a meal at Osteria La Bottega ai Promessi Sposi

The best dinner in Venice isn't a dinner at all, it's cicchetti. You'll find these Venetian tapas lining the counters of tiny pubs all around town from about 6-8pm. Because cicchetti only cost a couple of euros, it's the perfect way to crawl around the city, tasting lots of local fare at a great price. Try visiting Cantina Do Mori, Al MercaLa Cantina, and Cà D’Oro alla Vedova. If you'd rather relax with a sit-down dinner, settle in at CoVino.

After the sun sets, Venice is a different city. The day-trippers are gone, the sky is black, and the canals are softly lit. Everything is much quieter and a bit more magical. It's the perfect time for a gondola ride, or to take a private water taxi out to drinks. Even a trip on the vaporetto (the city's public transportation) feels romantic in the evening. But whatever you do, don't miss a visit to Harry's Bar for a taste of the original bellini - it was easily the best one I've ever had!



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