French Riviera Travel Map


After a handful of blog posts and a bit of tinkering, I have finally put together a custom google map for the French Riviera! This was one of my favorite destinations during a summer of travel, so I'm excited to share this map that plots my favorite restaurants, activities, photo stops, and travel tips.

I love using custom google maps when I'm planning a trip or out exploring - it's one of the best ways to save and share favorite spots, and to keep all my travel notes with me on the go. I've also used custom maps from other travel bloggers, and they have been invaluable for me when I'm visiting a city for the first time or just looking for a new perspective on an old favorite. 

Click here to view the map, and let it make your adventures a little easier to navigate. After it's open in your browser, 'star' the map to access it from the google maps app on your phone. Each city from my post 10 Days on the French Riviera has its own 'layer', so you can easily hide any places you don't plan to visit.

Leave a comment below if I've missed something that you think is wonderful - I'll be adding new spots and recommendations as I find them!

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