Favorites: Travel Accessories


The night before leaving town, I make sure to have a tote bag packed with my favorite travel accessories - a handful of things that make the fuss and bother of modern travel a bit more enjoyable.


1. UrbanEars:
While they may not boast supreme sound quality, I like these headphones much better than earbuds: durable, colorful, and comfortable enough to wear for hours, even while sleeping. I keep a bit of music, a couple audiobooks, and some white noise on my phone for listening.

2. Sleep Mask:
For planes, trains, automobiles, and rooms that never seem quite dark enough. I just bought this one a couple months ago, and with these long days (sunset at 10pm!) I have used it almost every night of our trip so far. Another mask from this shop is definitely in my future - but eyelashes or cat ears?

3. Spin Pins:
Use these to secure your hair up in a matter of seconds, with no kinks or dents to deal with when you take it down again. I use these at least once per day, traveling or not.

4.  Makeup Remover Towelettes:
Because you can't really wash your face in the sink of an airplane bathroom, but you really want to. Ditto while in the car, on a train, at the beach...

5. Scarf:
For our summer trip, I brought along this lightweight scarf, because it's an accessory, a blanket, a back support, and more. I completely forgot one for a flight earlier this year, and was reminded just how much I use an oversized scarf when I'm traveling!

6. A Book:
I'm currently reading The Nest, but also brought along The Art of Possibility and The Creative Habit. Ebooks from the library are my pick on shorter trips. For magazines, I love Porter and I'll sometimes steal Harrison's copy of The Rake.

7. Socks:
On a road trip or a long flight, I hate wearing shoes exactly as much as I hate being barefoot. Once I'm settled into my seat, it's cozy socks all the way.

8.  Yoga Pants
The ideal yoga pants for lounging - which is what yoga pants are for anyway. These are incredibly soft and comfortable, perfect for sitting in a sort-of comfortable seat for six hours while you try to fall asleep.

What are your essentials for traveling? Chime in on Instagram!