Summer Abroad

If you're following along on Instagram, you may know that I am spending the summer traveling and remote working from Europe with my husband. We're incredibly #blessed with the autonomy that comes with freelancing and we decided to lean (er, dive head-first) into it this summer and #workfromwherever -- albeit part time. #somanyhashtags

Today actually marks the beginning of week two; we arrived in Paris a week ago! Check this map below to see all the places we'll visit over the next three months: 

We are staying in apartments around France and Italy (mostly Airbnb places), working a few hours each weekday, and dedicating the rest of our time to exploring, cooking and trying not to revert to speaking English with locals. I'll be chronicling the trip - things we do, things we learn, ideas we have -  here on the blog, and of course on Instagram. If you have questions or want to share your thoughts, leave a comment on any of the photos with the hashtag #MHsummerabroad.

Hope to see you around!


sunny morning in Paris | via my Instagram