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About Me

Hi, I’m Monica, the creator & editor of Monica Francis Design. I'm a perpetual traveler, lifelong dancer and design devotee based in New York City.  I created this site to help you design a life you love, from your next vacation to what’s in your closet.

Have you ever traveled somewhere, only to realize afterwards how you wish you’d planned your trip? It’s that feeling (and an injury that forced me to sit still for once) that made me start sharing everything I’ve learned from travel and my summer in Europe. It didn’t take long for my love of style to start popping up just as often as a city guide.

I have a theory or method for just about everything I do, from packing my suitcase to shopping online. I love planning trips and parties, and searching out the perfect thing - a gift, a view, a destination. I’ll take cities over countryside, snail mail over email, and dancing over just about anything else.


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